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Forget about a winter wonderland; fall is our favorite season. The crisp smell in the air, the warmth of a crackling bonfire, and of course, the fall shirts, and fashions that come with the season. We love everything about autumn, including all the fall beverages from the local coffee shop. 

Though we are not here to settle the great debate between pumpkin spice and apple cider, we are here to share some of our favorite fall shirts for the season. Grab a blanket and your preferred fall beverage as we peek at our top fall shirts.

1. Flannel Shirts

Naturally, the best fall shirts list has to start with classic flannel shirts. These timeless pieces bring back a flood of sensory memories. Picture this: It’s a cold autumn evening, and there is a roaring bonfire. You can smell the smoke from the fire, taste the sweet treat of a freshly roasted marshmallow, and feel the warmth from the fire and your cozy flannel shirt. 

It almost sounds too perfect. But that picturesque moment is the feeling we get when we break out our fall flannels. Flannels are quintessential fall shirts for women and men. 

2. Long Sleeve T-Shirts

No countdown of fall shirts would be complete without a nod to long sleeve t-shirts. These shirts are a staple for any fall event, local merch, or sports fans. We love them because they are so darn comfy and can be worn all year round. Perfect for taking a bit of the chill off on a colder autumn day or for protecting yourself from the sun in the heat of summer. These versatile tees can be worn by men and women alike and make an ideal choice for fall shirts. 

3. Crewneck Sweatshirts

There is nothing like a good crewneck sweatshirt for getting comfy and staying warm. Picture yourself snuggled up with a good book or watching your favorite tv show in a comfy sweatshirt. The only thing that’s missing is a cup of hot chocolate or perhaps a bowl of popcorn. Sweatshirts are a must-have among cute fall shirts and are perfect for any fall activity. 

4. Fall Colored T-Shirts

We know these are not ones everyone may think of for fall shirts, but we felt they deserved a spot on our list because everyone’s version of fall is different. If you live somewhere warm, a fall-colored t-shirt can get you in the same mindset even when the weather outside is anything but brisk. There are many fantastic options out there to get your fall fix in. For example, Bella + Canvas’ flagship 3001 t-shirt is insanely comfortable and comes in lovely fall-inspiring colors like autumn

As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, be sure you are ready with your fall shirts. Visit our shop and find your new favorite today!

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The export world

The export world
10/07/2022 |

Flannel is really the best.