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When looking at which t-shirt is right for you, one of the most important factors is the hand-feel of the fabric. The materials used to make clothing matter greatly and the measure of fibers used to make up clothing is called ‘singles’. What are singles and how do they make a difference in the way the clothes feel?

In this blog, we will dive head first into what singles are, how they are made, how they make or break soft t-shirts and some of the products that make excellent use of a high thread-count to make super soft t-shirts.

The Making of Singles

The term ‘singles,’ refers to the individual threads that are used to weave the fabric of clothing. Essentially they are the result of spinning cotton or other materials into a thread that is the building blocks of fabric. Singles are an essential part of creating all kinds of clothing as they are the baseline for how the fabric will feel and the quality of the clothing. 

You will often see clothing companies reference the number singles in their descriptions of their clothing items. When you see a description saying something like “24 Singles,” “30 Singles,” or “32 Singles,” this is specifying the thickness of the singles and how tightly the material is spun to create the thread. You can think of this like a high thread-count on bedsheets; the tighter the thread, the more thread is used in the fabric to make a t-shirt.

How Singles Determine the Feel of T-Shirts

One of the major determining factors in how soft a t-shirt will feel is the diameter of the singles used in its design. If a single is tightly twisted, it will be a thinner yarn and requires a high thread-count to weave the fabric. This means that there is a direct relation between the single size and the thread count. A high thread-count is the key to creating soft t-shirts. 

While the quality of cotton certainly is a determining factor in the softness and hand-feel of the t-shirt, the diameter of the singles is really what you want to look for. Sometimes referred to as the thread width, the single count is often listed in the product description. T-shirts with a wider thread width like the American Apparel 1301 will have a breathable, thick thread feel, whereas the Bella + Canvas 3001CVC will have a high thread-count with 32 singles and be super soft t-shirts.

Find the Right Fit and Feel of Super Soft T-Shirts

Whether you like the feel of the thicker singles and the breathability that come with them, or have to have incredibly soft t-shirts, you can find the perfect fit from T-Shirt Wholesaler. Shop all t-shirts and find the perfect fit and feel for t-shirts.

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The export world

The export world
10/08/2022 | https://theexportworld.com/

It is good fabrics. It is uses for tshirts.

Rick Villazon

Rick Villazon
06/18/2022 |

Love the fit and feel of Next level t-shirt, but what causes pin size holes in the lower front of my T-shirts? Thank you