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Uh-oh, it's started, your stomach is singing the song of its people, it's angry because you haven't fed it since your morning donut and coffee six hours ago. You have a meeting in less than an hour so you don't have much time. You run down to your favorite hot dog stand on the corner to quell your grumbling stomach. You know better, but you order your favorite #7 combo, a chili cheese dog, extra onion and mustard. With the first tasty bite you feel it, a chili cheese landslide down the front of your polo, your heart sinks. A string of curse words fly from your mouth unintentionally and you pray no one heard you. Now what? You have a meeting in less than an hour! You rush to finish your hot dog and run upstairs to the nearest bathroom in your building. You turn on the cold water and start drabbing at the mess with a paper towel. Thank goodness you bought a polo shirt with stain resistant properties, by the time your meeting starts no one can tell the history of the Chili Cheese Avalanche that happened less than an hour before.

Whether needed for a restaurant staff or for personal use within everyday life, stain-resistant shirts are always an excellent choice. Typically the fabric of a stain-resistant shirt is sprayed with a stain-resistant formula that allows stains to be easily removed from the fabric. The stain prevention formula essentially creates a barrier between the stain and the offending substance, thus preventing the stain from penetrating the fabric weave in the first place.stain resist 2.png

Stain-resistant fabrics are a great invention, but there are some things to remember when caring for your shirts. Never wash you stain-resistant shirt in hot water, this will break down the stain resistant barrier quicker, reducing the stain-resistant abilities of the fabric. It is also important not to dry you shirts on hot, this will also impede the stain-resistant qualities. You should also only iron stain-resistant shirts when it is completely necessary, heat is basically stain-resistant fabric's worst enemy. Stain-resistant shirts will retain their abilities longest when the care instructions are followed properly. Shirt care instructions are typically printed on the inside label of the shirt.

One very popular and effective series of stain-resistant polo shirts is SpotShield by Jerzees. What sets Jerzees SpotShield polo shirts apart from other manufacturers is that they apply their stain-resistant formula during the production process as opposed to a simple topical application after the shirt is produced. Such a process gives the shirt longer-lasting stain resistance than the typical topical application method.

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Teresa A. Lucas

Teresa A. Lucas
08/14/2020 |

Can you recommend a stain resistant t-shirt?