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Wholesale Ribbed Tank Tops

Add some interest with a ribbed tank top. Ribbed tanks are known by their textured look and feel, depending on the knit. This quintessential tank top is a wardrobe staple that speaks spring, summer, and warmer weather when worn alone. It's also great for layering or adding a casual air with just a bit of that classic ribbing exposed.

What gives a ribbed tank top that iconic look is its knit. Ribbed is a fabric knitted with alternating raised and lowered rows with space in between. The ribs give the material a very distinct look, texture and feel, with some stretch to the fabric. It's this unique texture that makes a ribbed tank top stand out. The ribbing adds dimension and intrigue to a tank top.

Size matters when it comes to a ribbed tank top. The larger the number, the more obvious the ribbed look. A 2x1 ribbed tank is much more apparent to the eye, while the 1x1 ribbed tank is more subtle. This is especially important when considering printing. Printers typically disagree whether or not to print on ribbed fabric. The stretch of a 2x1 rib will likely crack and crumble, which is only good for an obvious retro look to your design. There's still the stretch to consider with a 1x1 rib, but some printers say the 1x1 can be done the knowledge of how to work with a special texture.

The Bella + Canvas 4000 Women's 2x1 Rib Tank is a popular larger ribbing. That means it's meant to be noticed. At 2x1, it's not choice for printing, but the texture gives it an almost athletic appeal. This is no gym class uniform, though. You'll feel the difference immediately with its luxurious 100% combed and ringspun cotton. The Anvil 2415 Ladies 2x1 Rib Tank Top comes in a preshrunk heavyweight ringspun cotton. The 2x1 knit of both these ribbed tank tops give off the distinctly sporty style many have come to equate to ribbed tank tops.

Gaining in popularity is the 1x1, mini or baby rib. It has the stretch and texture of the 2x1 ribbed tank, but the style is more subdued. The Bella + Canvas 1080 Women's Wide-Strap Tank Top is a ribbed tank stylish enough to wear sporty, or not. In an incredibly soft 100% combed and ringspun cotton, you'll find lots of looks for this comfortable ribbed tank top.

To help you find a perfect fit, there are long options for ribbed tank tops, too. Whether it's for layering, the look of a longer length, or to accommodate a longer torso, there's a ribbed tank top in a longer length you'll love. The touch of spandex in with a long length means that these ribbed tank tops will stay put. You'll find an extra few inches matter, whether for look or fit.

A ribbed tank top can go from working out to just hanging out. You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the look of the more bold or subtle ribbed tank. The ribbed tank top is a sporty staple for those who love collecting tank tops or who've found their favorite in ribbed.

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