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Hanes Color Chart

Color SwatchColor NamePantone CodeHexadecimal Code
Hanes Aquatic Blue Aquatic Blue 2915 78ACDB
Hanes Ash Ash Not Available D6D7D9
Hanes Athletic Orange Athletic Orange 640 006C99
Hanes Cardinal Cardinal 208 861F3C
Hanes Carolina Blue Carolina Blue 279 678BBB
Hanes Charcoal Heather Charcoal Heather Not Available 414141
Hanes Daffodil Yellow Daffodil Yellow 106 F4E463
Hanes Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate 7533 573E38
Hanes Deep Forest Deep Forest 5535 2B3C32
Hanes Deep Navy Deep Navy 7547 202445
Hanes Deep Red Deep Red 207 CF222C
Hanes Deep Royal Deep Royal 662 334D99
Hanes Denim Blue Denim Blue 646 6977A6
Hanes Fatigue Green Fatigue Green 5815 655C4A
Hanes Gold Gold 137 F0AE40
Hanes Gold Nugget Gold Nugget 7403 F3BB62
Hanes Graphite Graphite 430 878889
Hanes Heather Blue Heather Blue Not Available 577694
Hanes Heather Brown Heather Brown Not Available 564742
Hanes Heather Green Heather Green Not Available 626E5E
Hanes Heather Navy Heather Navy Not Available 203755
Hanes Heather Red Heather Red Not Available 963B50
Hanes Ice Gray Ice Gray COOL GRAY 6 CECECE
Hanes Jade Jade 3282 009A87
Hanes Kelly Green Kelly Green 340 06AC67
Hanes Lavender Lavender 2635 AE9DBD
Hanes Light Blue Light Blue 640 006C99
Hanes Light Steel Light Steel Not Available BCBDBF
Hanes Lime Lime 367 8DBD63
Hanes Maroon Maroon 505 702239
Hanes Natural Natural 468 F2E5D4
Hanes Navy Navy 289 34365D
Hanes Neon Lime Green Neon Lime Green Not Available CBDA9D
Hanes Neon Pink Neon Pink 812 E3207E
Hanes Orange Orange 172 E55C3F
Hanes Oxford Oxford Not Available 818284
Hanes Palace Blue Palace Blue 660 1C80B9
Hanes Pale Pink Pale Pink 7436 EBCAD5
Hanes Pebble Pebble 812 BFA687
Hanes Pink Pink 211 E97598
Hanes Purple Purple 2685 5F378A
Hanes Safety Green Safety Green 809 CFE265
Hanes Safety Orange Safety Orange 804 E87E25
Hanes Sand Sand WARM GRAY 3 DCC9BA
Hanes Sapphire Sapphire 640 006C99
Hanes Shamrock Green Shamrock Green 347 F4D199
Hanes Smoke Smoke COOL GRAY 11 686C6D
Hanes Stonewashed Blue Stonewashed Blue 5425 7B92AD
Hanes Teal Teal 633 1A80B7
Hanes Texas Orange Texas Orange 470 B96631
Hanes Twilight Blue Twilight Blue 281 F4D199
Hanes Vintage Black Vintage Black 7540 2E2E2E
Hanes Vintage Blue Vintage Blue 659 7495C4
Hanes Vintage Denim Vintage Denim 7654 5C7BA1
Hanes Vintage Gold Vintage Gold 1215 F0D6A3
Hanes Vintage Gray Vintage Gray COOL GRAY 8 838483
Hanes Vintage Green Vintage Green 5487 7C877B
Hanes Vintage Khaki Vintage Khaki 7530 D9C8AE
Hanes Vintage Navy Vintage Navy 534 3E3F66
Hanes Vintage Orange Vintage Orange 7416 DF6F50
Hanes Vintage Red Vintage Red 7427 B42F3E
Hanes Violet Violet 7452 8379B1
Hanes White White Not Available F1F1F1
Hanes Winterberry Winterberry 2623 651E6A
Hanes Wow Pink Wow Pink 213 EFF4FA
Hanes Yellow Yellow 106 F4E262