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Gildan Color Chart

If you're looking for the perfect color for your Gildan apparel, you're in the right place. Our convenient Gildan color charts make finding the ideal use for you simple and quick. This comprehensive Gildan color chart gives you the complete collection at your fingertips to perfectly match any color scheme, theme, style, or preference.

Explore a wide range of diverse options with the multiple Gildan color charts rolled into one easy-to-navigate instrument. This single tool combines numerous charts into one location, including color charts that include the Gildan 18000, Gildan 18500, and Gildan 5000, just to name a few.

With these four powerful tools at your disposal, nothing stops you from finding the perfect product in just the right tone.

Shop confidently, knowing our Gildan color chart offers accurate color representation with each product. When using this tool, you'll never have to worry about coordinating your t-shirt colors again. Start exploring your options today!

Swatch Name Pantone Hex/Web
Gildan Amethyst Amethyst 7678 6c4b94
Gildan Antique Cherry Red Antique Cherry Red 7427C 971b2f
Gildan Antique Heliconia Antique Heliconia 227C aa0061
Gildan Antique Irish Green Antique Irish Green 348C 00843d
Gildan Antique Jade Dome Antique Jade Dome 7715C 6269
Gildan Antique Orange Antique Orange 7599C b33d26
Gildan Antique Royal Antique Royal 287 3087
Gildan Antique Sapphire Antique Sapphire 7706C 006a8e
Gildan Ash Ash Cool Gray 3 C c8c9c7
Gildan Ash Grey Ash Grey Cool Gray 3 C c8c9c7
Gildan Azalea Azalea 2045 dd74a1
Gildan Baby Blue Baby Blue 292 69b3e7
Gildan Berry Berry 683C 7f2952
Gildan Black Black 426C 25282a
Gildan Blackberry Blackberry 276 221c35
Gildan Blue Dusk Blue Dusk 7546C 253746
Gildan Bright Salmon Bright Salmon 2348 e5554f
Gildan Brown Savana Brown Savana 7531 7a6855
Gildan Cactus Cactus 5625 788a7a
Gildan Cardinal Red Cardinal Red 1955 8a1538
Gildan Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue 312 00a9ce
Gildan Caribbean Mist Caribbean Mist 2396C 00a9ce
Gildan Carolina Blue Carolina Blue 659C 7ba4db
Gildan Carolina Blue Mist Carolina Blue Mist 7453C 7ba4db
Gildan Cement Cement Cool Grey 6 aeaeae
Gildan Chalky Mint Chalky Mint 7472 5cb8b2
Gildan Chambray Chambray 544 bdd6e6
Gildan Charcoal Charcoal Cool Gray 10 C 66676c
Gildan Charity Pink Charity Pink 189 f8a3bc
Gildan Cherry Red Cherry Red 187 C ac2b37
Gildan Chestnut Chestnut 7615 C 83635c
Gildan Cobalt Cobalt 2746 171c8f
Gildan Coral Silk Coral Silk 1777 fb637e
Gildan Cornsilk Cornsilk 393 f0ec74
Gildan Daisy Daisy 122 C fed101
Gildan Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate 412 382f2d
Gildan Dark Heather Dark Heather 7545 425563
Gildan Dune Mist Dune Mist 2326C 7a7256
Gildan Dusty Rose Dusty Rose 7605C e1bbb4
Gildan Electric Green Electric Green 361 C 43b02a
Gildan Flo Blue Flo Blue 2130 5576d1
Gildan Forest Green Forest Green 5535 C 273b33
Gildan Galapagos Blue Galapagos Blue 7470 C 005d6f
Gildan Garnet Garnet 188 C 7d2935
Gildan Gold Gold 1235 C eead1a
Gildan Graphite Heather Graphite Heather 424C 707372
Gildan Gravel Gravel Cool Grey 8 888b8d
Gildan Gunmetal Gunmetal 423 939694
Gildan Heather Berry Heather Berry 682 994878
Gildan Heather Blue Heather Blue 7455 3a5dae
Gildan Heather Bronze Heather Bronze 7619 c04c36
Gildan Heather Cardinal Heather Cardinal 194 C 9b2743
Gildan Heather Caribbean Blue Heather Caribbean Blue 638 00afd7
Gildan Heather Coral Silk Heather Coral Silk 177 ff808b
Gildan Heather Dark Green Heather Dark Green 5477C 3e5d58
Gildan Heather Grey Heather Grey 422 9ea2a2
Gildan Heather Heliconia Heather Heliconia 7424 e24585
Gildan Heather Indigo Heather Indigo 2139 4d6995
Gildan Heather Irish Green Heather Irish Green 2249 5caa7f
Gildan Heather Maroon Heather Maroon 7643 672e45
Gildan Heather Military Green Heather Military Green 416 C 7e7f74
Gildan Heather Navy Heather Navy 432 C 333f48
Gildan Heather Orange Heather Orange 1635 C ff8d6d
Gildan Heather Purple Heather Purple 668 C 614b79
Gildan Heather Radiant Orchid Heather Radiant Orchid 7655 a15a95
Gildan Heather Red Heather Red 193 bf0d3e
Gildan Heather Royal Heather Royal 2727 C 307fe2
Gildan Heather Sapphire Heather Sapphire 7690 C 0076a8
Gildan Heather Seafoam Heather Seafoam 7465 40c1ac
Gildan Heather Sport Dark Maroon Heather Sport Dark Maroon 7421C 651d32
Gildan Heather Sport Dark Navy Heather Sport Dark Navy 5275C 595478
Gildan Heather Sport Royal Heather Sport Royal 7684C 1d4f91
Gildan Heather Sport Scarlet Red Heather Sport Scarlet Red 703C b83a4b
Gildan Heliconia Heliconia 213 C db3e79
Gildan Honey Honey 1365 C edaesa
Gildan Ice Grey Ice Grey Wg1 d7d2cb
Gildan Indigo Blue Indigo Blue 5405 C 486d87
Gildan Iris Iris 660 C 3975b7
Gildan Irish Green Irish Green 2252 00a74a
Gildan Island Reef Island Reef 337 8fd6bd
Gildan Jade Dome Jade Dome 7717 C 00857d
Gildan Kelly Green Kelly Green 335 C 00805e
Gildan Kelly Mist Kelly Mist 2243C 00805e
Gildan Kiwi Kiwi 2276 89a84f
Gildan Lagoon Blue Lagoon Blue 637 4ac3e0
Gildan Legion Blue Legion Blue 2168 1f495b
Gildan Light Blue Light Blue 536 C a3b3cb
Gildan Light Blue Light Blue 543 a4c8e1
Gildan Light Pink Light Pink 684 e4c6d4
Gildan Lilac Lilac 7679 C 563d82
Gildan Lime Lime 7488 C 92bf55
Gildan Marbled Charcoal Marbled Charcoal Cool Gray 10 C 66676c
Gildan Marbled Galapagos Blue Marbled Galapagos Blue 7470 C 005d6f
Gildan Marbled Heliconia Marbled Heliconia 213 C db3e79
Gildan Marbled Navy Marbled Navy 533 C 263147
Gildan Marbled Royal Marbled Royal 7686 C 224d8f
Gildan Maroon Maroon 7644 C 5b2b42
Gildan Maroon Mist Maroon Mist 7428 6d273c
Gildan Meadow Meadow 349 C 046a38
Gildan Metro Blue Metro Blue 2111 464e7e
Gildan Midnight Midnight 7708 C 5670
Gildan Military Green Military Green 5615 5e7461
Gildan Mint Green Mint Green 345 a0cfab
Gildan Mint Green Mint Green 345 a0cfa8
Gildan Moss Moss 5747 C 3d441e
Gildan Mustard Mustard 7407C c3964d
Gildan Natural Natural 2309 e7ceb5
Gildan Navy Navy 533 C 263147
Gildan Navy Mist Navy Mist 534 2c4068
Gildan Neon Blue Neon Blue 2145C 0c51a3
Gildan Neon Green Neon Green 2285 93da49
Gildan Old Gold Old Gold 2313 c39367
Gildan Olive Olive 448 4a412a
Gildan Orange Orange 2026 f4633a
Gildan Orchid Orchid 2635 C c5b4e3
Gildan Paragon Paragon 7653 948794
Gildan Pfd (Prepared For Dye) Pfd (Prepared For Dye) Not Available ffffff
Gildan Pistachio Pistachio 577 a9c47f
Gildan Pitch Black Pitch Black Black 6 101820
Gildan Pitch Black Mist Pitch Black Mist Black C 2d2926
Gildan Plumrose Plumrose 7431 c9809e
Gildan Prairie Dust Prairie Dust 7497 C 7a7256
Gildan Prairie Dust/Coyote Brown Prairie Dust/Coyote Brown 7497 7a7256
Gildan Purple Purple 2112 464e7e
Gildan Red Red 199 d50032
Gildan Royal Royal 7686 C 224d8f
Gildan Royal Mist Royal Mist 7683 456db0
Gildan Rs Sport Grey Rs Sport Grey Cool Gray 7 C 97999b
Gildan Rs Sport Grey / Black Rs Sport Grey / Black Cool Grey 7 / 426 97999b / 25282a
Gildan Russet Russet 497 C 512f2e
Gildan Safety Green Safety Green 382 C c6d219
Gildan Safety Orange Safety Orange Orange 021 C e5801c
Gildan Safety Pink Safety Pink 1915 C e16f8f
Gildan Sage Sage 2406C 819e87
Gildan Sand Sand 7528 C cabfad
Gildan Sapphire Sapphire 641 C 077b5
Gildan Seafoam Seafoam 7475 487a7b
Gildan Sky Sky 297 C 71c5e8
Gildan Slate Slate 407 b3aaa4
Gildan Smoke Smoke Black 7 3d3935
Gildan Sport Dark Green Sport Dark Green 554 205c40
Gildan Sport Dark Maroon Sport Dark Maroon 504 572932
Gildan Sport Dark Navy Sport Dark Navy 289 00263a
Gildan Sport Grey Sport Grey Cool Gray 7 C 97999b
Gildan Sport Grey / Black Sport Grey / Black Cool Grey 7 / 426 97999b / 25282a
Gildan Sport Grey / Navy Sport Grey / Navy Cool Grey 7 / 533 97999b / 263147
Gildan Sport Grey / Red Sport Grey / Red Cool Grey 7 / 199 97999b / d50032
Gildan Sport Grey / Royal Sport Grey / Royal Cool Grey 7 / 7686 97999b / 224d8f
Gildan Sport Purple Sport Purple 2617 470a68
Gildan Sport Royal Sport Royal 288 002d72
Gildan Sport Scarlet Red Sport Scarlet Red 200 ba0c2f
Gildan Steel Blue Steel Blue 2216 294f5a
Gildan Stone Blue Stone Blue 2164 7e93a7
Gildan Storm Grey Storm Grey 423 898d8d
Gildan Sunset Sunset 7578 C dc6b2f
Gildan Tan Tan 2316 bd9a7a
Gildan Tangerine Tangerine 2025 ff8a3d
Gildan Teal Ice Teal Ice 317 b1e4e3
Gildan Tennessee Orange Tennessee Orange 7592 b65a30
Gildan Terracota Terracota 2434 e3775e
Gildan Tropical Blue Tropical Blue 7712 00859b
Gildan True Red True Red 1935C bb1237
Gildan Turf Green Turf Green 7732 007a3e
Gildan Tweed Tweed 7540 C 4b4f54
Gildan Vegas Gold Vegas Gold 7507 C f4d1a1
Gildan Violet Violet 7452 8094dd
Gildan White White 000C ffffff
Gildan White / Black White / Black 000C / 426 ffffff / 25282a
Gildan White / Heliconia White / Heliconia 000C / 213 ffffff / db3e79
Gildan White / Navy White / Navy 000C / 533 ffffff / 263147
Gildan White / Red White / Red 000C /199 ffffff / d50032
Gildan White / Royal White / Royal 000C / 7686 ffffff / 224d8f
Gildan Yellow Haze Yellow Haze 7401 f5e1a4