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Tie Dye T Shirts

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You say you want a revolution? It's as simple as throwing on a tie-dye shirt. Tie-dye tees may conjure up images of their flower power past, but the tradition of self-expression lives on in traditional and unique new ways.

Tie-dyeing existed long before the iconic '60s. In fact, the latest fad in the 1920s was redecorating and repurposing household items with in the do-it-yourself tie-dye style. The concept was the same then and now. The tie-dyeing tradition is an easy form of self-expression.

Do you want to pay homage to the most classic and quintessential tie-dye t-shirt? You'll find it in the well-known spiral style of the Tie-Dye CD100 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt. It may conjure up images of a do-it-yourself art project. What's different with this tee? These colors are crisp and bold, without any mess or bleed. It's the tie-dye shirt you'd always imagined you could make, no DIY experience necessary. The spiral design is classic, but the 21 color options help make your tie-dye tee your own. Dress your little one in the Tie-Dye CD100Y Youth 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt companion tee. In nine color options, pass the tie-dye love onto the next generation. And that summer of love feeling never has to end as the temperature drops with the Tie-Dye CD2000 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Long-Sleeve Tie-Dyed T-Shirt. Long sleeves never looked so cool in tie-dye.

Another favorite is the spider tie-dye, like the Tie-Dye CD101 Adult 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Spider Tie Dye T-Shirt and a youth's companion Tie-Dye CD101Y Youth 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Spider Tie-Dyed T-Shirt. It's more subtle than the traditional spiral, with a gorgeous pattern that contrasts darks and lights of the same color. It may be more subdued than the spiral, but the contrasting colors still have that wow factor. With as many as 13 color options, you're sure to find your go-to hue.

The twist technique is another tie-dye take a bit bolder than the spider technique. The twist tie-dye shirt like Tie-Dye CD110 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt showcases bursts of bright whites or lighter colors predominant through its pattern. Brighten up any day in a twist tie-dye shirt.

Tie-dye trends continue to evolve. Enter ombre, a technique of gradually blending one color hue to another, from dark to light, such as the Tie-Dye 1370 Adult 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Ombre Dip-Dye T-Shirt. It's a subtle play on colors and a completely updated take on tie-dye t-shirts. Or try the unexpected Tie-Dye 1385 Adult 4.5 oz., 100% Ringspun Cotton Bleach-Out Tie-Dye T-Shirt with bursts of stunning brightness. Make no mistake. This style is quite intentional and the latest in tie-dye trends.

You'll find quality construction with these tie-dye shirts, with double-needle stitching throughout. With t-shirts made with 100% pure cotton and the softest ringspun cotton, these colors hold their bright and bold colors and patterns. The consensus among printers is that cotton is always easiest to display your art. With the bold patterns of tie-dye t-shirts, make your art stand out from the crowd.

Just as its colorful past, no two items are ever alike, even in our tie-dye tees today. You're buying wearable works of art, each one unique. You're guaranteed an original piece with every purchase. Express yourself in a one-of-a-kind tie-dye t-shirt as the individual that you are. Now that's revolutionary.

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