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Please note: PMS values are as close to the fabric standard as possible, but may require adjustments as needed for printing, web or other uses.

Bella + Canvas Color Chart

Color SwatchColor NamePantone CodeHexadecimal Code
Aqua Aqua 7459C 229DBF
Aqua_Triblend Aqua Triblend 639U 6DC9E2
Army Army 425C 413B2D
Asphalt Asphalt 425U 474747
Athletic_Heather_Neon_Pink Athletic Heather 7538C AAA1A2 / FF6062
Athletic_Heather_White Athletic Heather / White 7543C / WHITE AAA1A2 / FEFEFE
Baby_Blue Baby Blue 2205UP BCD7F2
Berry Berry 233C E6195C
Berry_Triblend Berry Triblend 215C B2184C
Black Black Black C 19191B
Black_Marble Black Marble Black 7C E1DAD4 / 18171C
Blue_Marble Blue Marble 7682CP DEEBF4 / 4A9EE7
Blue_Triblend Blue Triblend White / 7685U 8AA1CA / 4169A4
Brown Brown Black 4 C 382829
Burnt_Orange Burnt Orange 159C FC7F5F
Canvas_Red Canvas Red 201C B61E33
Cardinal Cardinal 194C 80011F
Charcoal_Black_Triblend Charcoal Black Triblend Black 7 CP 404040 / 0E0E0E
Charcoal_Marble Charcoal Marble Black 7C #BAB8B9 / 444245
Chocolate Chocolate 440CP 382829
Clay_Triblend Clay Triblend 181C 8E4B45/833E37
Coral Coral 172U F06336
Cream Cream Warm Grey 1C FAE7C9
Currant Currant 7657C 6B2257
Dark_Grey_Heather Dark Grey Heather 426C 6C6A6B/484647
Dark_Grey_Marble_Fleece Dark Grey Marble Fleece Cool Grey 11C 484848
Dark_Red_Triblend Dark Red Triblend 1955C 600919 /661019
Deep_Heather Deep Heather 2333CP 7F8180/D0D2D1
Deep_Teal Deep Teal 3025CP 0D5A74
Digital_Black Digital Black Black 3C 050505
Digital_Blue Digital Blue 295cp 02162F
Digital_Grey Digital Grey Cool Grey 11C 5C5C5C
Emerald_Triblend Emerald Triblend 567C 1F4645/172224
Evergreen Evergreen 343C 00582F
Forest Forest 343CP 214C30
Fuchsia Fuchsia 2040CP DC2867
Gold Gold 137C FD9F17
Granite Granite 7539CP 84908C
Green_Triblend Green Triblend 2420CP AEE5C5 /52B682
Grey_Triblend Grey Triblend 416CP A1A2A4 /67686D
Heather_Blue Heather Blue 535C 7B95BA / 6F7EA9
Heather_Brown Heather Brown 7519C 624F48 /5D4F44
Heather_Green Heather Green 7491C 7DA684 /32764D
Heather_Navy Heather Navy 2379C 52647C / 37465D
Heather_Pink Heather Pink 1785UP FFB4C4 / ED9BA9
Heather_Purple Heather Purple 5285C 433A4D /91839A
Heather_Raspberry Heather Raspberry 207U BA4A6E/ C35A7B
Heather_Red Heather Red 193C D52E35 /D62D34
Heather_Slate Heather Slate 2168UP 33444E/51626C
Heather_Tan Heather Tan 466UP E0C9B9/A98E79
Heather_True_Royal Heather True Royal 286CP 2B60A4/14438B
Kelly Kelly 364C 038561
Leaf Leaf 364C 5C884D
Light_Aqua Light Aqua 304C 558450
Light_Blue Light Blue 5135C 96B5C9
Light_Grey_Marble_Fleece Light Grey Marble Fleece White C F3F3F3 /C2C2C2
Lilac Lilac 9324C DCAFCE
Lime Lime 372CP D3E1A4
Maize_Yellow Maize Yellow 7548CP F2C14A
Maroon Maroon 7643C 521B32
Maroon_Marble Maroon Marble 7428C D29BA1 / 6E121F
Maroon_Triblend Maroon Triblend 209U A36570 /712A38
Midnight Midnight 533C 080D23
Mint Mint 344C 9DE7C2
Moss_Green Moss Green 7494C 8AA578
Natural Natural 7500CP F6EAD2
Navy Navy 533C 1A1F35
Navy_Marble Navy Marble 534C 5D6675 / 0F1827
Navy_Triblend Navy Triblend 289U 4F527F / 1F244E
Neon Yellow Neon Yellow 923C E7FC79
Neon_Blue Neon Blue Process Blue CP 09BAE6
Neon_Green Neon Green 802C A1FD7E
Neon_Pink Neon Pink 926C FC8ED7
NEW_Asphalt_Slub Asphalt Slub 425C 555259
NEW_Athletic_Grey_Triblend Athletic Grey Triblend 426C 9E9898
NEW_Black_Mineral_Wash Black Mineral Wash 426C 191919
NEW_Black_slub Black slub 426C 2C2C2E
NEW_Black_Speckled Black Speckled Black C 181818
NEW_Brown_Triblend Brown Triblend 411C 533A33
NEW_Dark_Grey Dark Grey 426C 222127
NEW_Deep_Heather_Speckled Deep Heather Speckled 424C 9A9997
NEW_Grey_Acid_Wash Grey Acid Wash 426C 494748
NEW_Heather_Kelly Heather Kelly 340C 006C4F
NEW_Heather_Orange Heather Orange 1645C F38667
NEW_Heather_Team_Purple Heather Team Purple 2665C 32214E
NEW_Navy_Speckled Navy Speckled 532PC 232232
NEW_Neon_Orange Neon Orange 1585C FB933A
NEW_Red_Speckled Red Speckled 201C 910012
NEW_Teal_Triblend Teal Triblend 322 C 40A9AF/088081
NEW_True_Royal_Acid_Wash True Royal Acid Wash 7686C 2D4784
Vintage Black Vintage Black 419 C 2B2B2D
White_Slub White Slub White C E6E6E6
Oatmeal_Triblend Oatmeal Triblend 7534C CBC5B9 /FFF9ED
Ocean_Blue Ocean Blue 4758UP 67BDE0
Olive Olive 5747CP 404624
Orange Orange 1645C EF6024
Orange_Sorbet Orange Sorbet 1485C F49C6A
Orange_Triblend Orange Triblend 1635C FFBC83/FEAD7E
Pale_Green Pale Green 7845C C2E0BA
Pale_Yellow Pale Yellow 9120C F8F3B1
Pebble_Brown 2 Pebble Brown 409C 877567
Pink Pink 706C F5C3CC
Plum Plum 5185C 271020
Purple Purple 7666CP 452A57
Purple_Triblend Purple Triblend 668C 735A91/9077AE
Raspberry Raspberry 220CP A8355C
Red Red 200C 9C071A
Red_Marble Red Marble 1795C D1B1BC/CE3F53
Seafoam_Blue Seafoam Blue 318CP 91C2BE
Silver Silver 420C D1D2CD
Soft_Cream Soft Cream 468CP D6BEA6
Soft_Pink Soft Pink 9286C F0DBE2
Solid_Black_Blend Solid Black Blend Black C 0B0B0D
Solid_White_Triblend Solid White Triblend White 0B0B0D
Steel_Blue Steel Blue 5415CP 2A5673
Tan Tan 466UP BEA994
Teal Teal 3262C 0DB2AE
Team_Purple Team Purple 2695C 543964
True_Royal True Royal 7684CP 255FA3
True_Royal_Marble True Royal Marble 293CP 0C72C7 / B8CBF3/D7E0F1
True_Royal_Triblend True Royal Triblend 286CP 0A67B5/6BC7FF
Turquoise Turquoise 638C 21BDD4
Very_Pink Very Pink 212CP E7679A
violet Violet 7440CP A86EA9
White White White E8E8EA
White_Fleck_Triblend White Fleck Triblend Cool Grey 1CP CBCAD2 /ECEBF1
White_Marble White Marble White /534C E1E1E1 /686868/ B3B3B3
Yellow Yellow 100CP F9EE85