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Tie Dye Shirts under $7!

You say you want a revolution? It's as simple as throwing on a tie-dye shirt. What's even easier? Skipping the DYI and getting a tie-dye tee for under $7.

Bright and bold tie-dye t-shirts always cause a stir. We'll always thank the sixties for that, but these latest tie-dye trends aren't necessarily so far out, man, especially the price. At under seven bucks, what types of tie-dye tees could we possibly be offering? No worries, we're not exactly stoked to grab vats or rubber bands, either. No, as always, we're only ushering in the most awesome apparel. Tie-Dye's claim to fame is the finest in tie-dye trends. Buy the best for under seven bucks.

Tie-Dye masters different colors and variations to create only the finest tie-dyed clothing. Each piece, even at under $7, is a one-of-a-kind creation. Never owned a tie-dye t-shirt before? Now's the time to try one or two, grab a bunch to experiment with a bold new print or logo, or buy in bulk for a major event or festival.

How'd we get to be the top seller of tie-dye tees? We here at T-Shirt Wholesaler have been your online blank apparel provider for more than 16 years. We buy in bulk so you can save a buck. There's no minimum or maximum, even with these tie-dye tees.

You'll find tie-dye tops with designs and eye-popping colors that you—or your parents or your grandparents—never saw coming, but you'll also find classic variations, too. You don't have to have a flower power past to celebrate these unique tie-dye t-shirts. Relive the old days or create some new memories. And at under $7, that is revolutionary.

Tie-Dye CD100


CD100 - 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

29 Colors

Tie-Dye CD100Y


CD100Y - Youth 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

9 Colors

Tie-Dye CD110


CD110 - 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

8 Colors

Tie-Dye CD101


CD101 - Adult 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Spider Tie Dye T-shirt

13 Colors

Tie-Dye CD101Y


CD101Y - Youth 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Spider Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

12 Colors

Tie-Dye CD3500


CD3500 - Adult 5.4 oz., 100% Cotton Tie-Dyed Tank

3 Colors