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V Neck Polo Shirts

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The polo shirt is the office favorite, an after-hours go-to, or the athletic option when it comes to casual attire. It's the all-purpose shirt you can dress up or dress down for almost any occasion. Want to add a little more polish to your polo? Fashion meets function with a V-neck polo shirt. The V-neck on a woman has always added a touch of femine appeal, and this slight variation to the standard polo shirt is no exception. How can a V-neck polo shirt compliment your femine physique? The open neckline puts your collarbones and upper chest on subtle display, while also appearing to elongate your neck. It's a hint of dainty detailing for even a sporty shirt.

The Harriton M354W Ladies' Micro-Pique Polo has the look of a classic women's polo with a pique pattern and pop of a collar, but tradition ends with the overlapping V-neck. The V-neck is the most obvious of its elegant detailing. Intriguing panel inserts along the sleeves also show that this is no ordinary polo shirt. And tailoring made for a woman means you always have a flawless fit. Enjoy a lightweight polyester with moisture-wicking properties built into the snag-resistant fabric of this V-neck polo shirt. Another choice for subtle detailing is the Ash City Extreme 75116 Stride Women's Jacquard Polo Shirt. This V-neck polo shirt also features the notched neckline, but adds a touch of taste with diamond jacquard side paneling with a solid front and back. In another lightweight polyester, this V-neck polo shirt also has anti-snag protection in addition to moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties.

If subtlety isn't your style, make a statement with the bold Harriton M355W Ladies Side Blocked Micro-Pique Polo. With the contrasting colors of a white side panelling with a colorful body hue, this V-neck polo stands out. In addition to a unique look, the side paneling gives the illusion of a slimmer physique. This V-neck polo shirt is also in a snag-resistant material with moisture-wicking properties and a UPF 15 rating. Do you stripes suit you? Check out the Ash City Extreme 75119 Women's Eperformance Strike Colorblock Snag Protection Polo. This V-neck polo shirt features three complementary colors that pop right off your arms. It's a bright and bold look with the femininity of a V. It comes in a snag-resistant polyester with antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, UV-protection performance.

Your look doesn't have to be over-the-top to still be feminine and flattering. Just a notch will do it with a V-neck polo shirt.

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